1. On her behalf. So many dubious points in this one, if her grandparents were such known volatile addicts who had no qualms about beating their adult daughter, why would OP’s parents leave their children with them? Plus, if you know it’s going to light them up like Christmas at you because you’re late.
  2. Define on behalf. on behalf synonyms, on behalf pronunciation, on behalf translation, English dictionary definition of on behalf. n. Interest, support, or benefit. Idiom: on /in behalf of 1. As the agent of; on the part of. 2. For the benefit of; in the interest of. Usage Note: A.
  3. May 29,  · I can't talk in her place, and I can't talk on her behalf, implies to me that she would be passing on someones opinions, whereas asking what she has already said, is asking for someone to repeat a dialogue. A: Can you tell me what she said to you? B: You would have to speak with her.
  4. nismabirdhummantdand.seitabciocopdemikufirvemahlwhebil.infoinfo | Übersetzungen für 'on her behalf' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen.
  5. on (someone's) behalf 1. As the representative of someone else; in lieu of someone. The boss isn't here at the moment, but I'd be happy to sign for the package on her behalf.
  6. “in behalf of or on behalf of preposition: in the interest of, as the representative of, for the benefit of. Ex. “This letter is written in behalf of my client.” The OED, on the other hand, deplores such a merger of meaning: In recent use we often find on behalf in the sense of in behalf.
  7. Mrs Junker has instructed me to say the following on her behalf: the audiovisual sector is a growth market and a powerful economic factor. Die Kollegin Junker hat mich also gebeten, Ihnen in ihrem Namen Folgendes zu sagen: Der audiovisuelle Sektor ist ein Wachstumsmarkt und ein gewaltiger Wirtschaftsfaktor.
  8. On her behalf and on behalf of the Commission, I would like to say a few things about Burma. nismabirdhummantdand.seitabciocopdemikufirvemahlwhebil.infoinfo J'aimerai s, en s on nom et en c el ui d e la C .
  9. Translations in context of "on her behalf" in English-Polish from Reverso Context: The bank's willing to put up money on her behalf.

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